Monday, April 16, 2007

Devil yarn meets Simba

Today, the devil yarn struck again. I went outside to complain to Tee about using my parking spot (long story) and by the time I came back, a situation had developed with the shawl (hate that word). Several stitches had fallen off the left needle! The worst part is, I was on the bind off row. I tried to pick them up but at this point, there was nothing that could be done other than to slowly knit backwards and re-knit the rows.

The edge of the lace should look like three rows of open holes (the yarn overs). You can see here how it just looks like a mass of yarn. Note the nicely completed bind off to the right. *sigh*

Simba was sitting near by... looked a bit guilty, if you ask me. Perhaps even satisfied. Notice how he's sitting on that piece of paper? Why is it it cats always want to sit on the one piece of paper in the middle of a huge room?

In fact, while I was trying to set up the yarn for a picture, he kept staring at the yarn.

I remembered all those times I had to tell him to stop playing with the yarn. For some reason, he really likes this yarn.

It then dawned on me. Was it a coincidence that stitches had dropped with Simba hanging out near by?

I mean, he sure knew what he was doing.

Apollo told me he once saw Simba kneading this yarn. That combined with Simba's need to chew on the needles...well, I think I found the reason the stitches fell off the needle. Meanwhile, I've ripped back about 4 rows and am starting to knit again. grrr!


Yaya said...

I know what you mean about the paper thing. It is odd, isn't it? Princess Meow Meow loves sitting on paper, and chew on them too. So weird.

aimee said...

You know... it almost looked like he was trying to knit... maybe he just wants lessons! :D