Thursday, April 12, 2007

A busy night

Sometime last week, we were watching the news when we learned a car had driven right through a building not even a block away from our complex. So, we put on our shoes and walked over to see what's going on.

Yes, we have no life. Plus, Apollo said he knows the owner (he knows everyone...more on that later).

Apparently someone had a "medical situation" and passed out, or something, and drove her car right through the big glass windows of a futon store. The owner had video footage of it too. The driver woke up after driving in (apparently all the furniture stopped her), drove home and called police. In this day and age, it's a bit surprising that someone would call the police after doing something like this. Kudos to her!

A couple different news camera men were there taking footage shots. We also got to meet NBC San Diego's crew, they were nice people too.

The reporter from NBC, Tony Shin, had the whitest teeth I've ever seen! I don't even remember what he said to me, I kept staring at his white teeth. Since I met him, I've noticed that most actors, actresses and news staff on TV have incredibly white teeth. You can tell their teeth are whitened cause their eyes will look dingy.

Back to Apollo and his knowing everyone, we met this guy who was walking by and stopped to see what all the commotion was about. Turns out he was from Detroit. This lead to a long conversation between the two of them. Apollo then introduced him to me as "my brother from Detroit." I'm sure when they meet again (it will happen), they will be the best of friends and will somehow give each other a deal on something like a free meal, tickets to a show, etc. This always happens to Apollo.

On our way back to the apartment, Apollo and I took a shortcut through the alley to discover the homeless people have gone buck wild with their loot all over the place behind our apartment complex!

We even interrupted a non-homeless person sorting through their stuff, STEALING from the homeless! People are shameless! The next day Apollo scooped all this stuff up with a shovel and put it in the dumpster. Last I heard, the cops came by and got rid of the baskets and the homeless have moved on. I'm sure they'll be back. Especially with all the new construction around town, they're moving around trying to find a permanent spot. Well, I guess that's life in the city!

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aimee said...

Geez, you get the coolest posts! People driving into buildings, meeting news crews, etc.