Wednesday, December 28, 2005

More Disneyland pics

Okay, so...I think this is Main Street. Not sure. Some horses pulled various modes of transportation down the road. Way down at the end behind the horse thingy (LOL) you can see a castle! I was hoping to get a good picture at night but missed out this time.

Inside the Tiki Room, 225 performers including birds, flowers and sang to us. The cool thing about this particular attraction is it was created in June 1963 and in my opinion, the animatronics are still pretty cool. Sure, it's not perfect but HEY, the room is over 40 years old!

This set of birds was lowered down from the ceiling into the middle of the room. A fountain flowed below them as they sat on their perches and crooned away. (flash free)

Of course, as the show started, we were warned not to use flash photography. Unfortunately, my camera innocently went off with the flash and got this excellent shot of Laura, Mom, Apollo and Aimee all doing some sort hand wave (clapping also accompanied the improv) - their contribution to the show's theme song, "In the Tiki, Tiki, Tiki Room."

Oh no!! The camera went off again at the end of the show as we were filing out of the Tiki Room! Check out that little kid being held by his Dad. It's good to see he's not afraid of the birds. Hey, there's Aimee's hat! ARGH!

Apollo decided to try his aim at the shooting range. He kept mumbling something about it being rigged.

That's Mom in the middle. Yes, she's the very serious looking person...probably wishing she had a silencer. I'm sure she was a bit disappointed that there wasn't any sort of reward such as dead game to be stuffed later.

Laura and Aimee hanging out. Aimee bought a new Jolly Roger flag. Apparently she wore out her other one. How does one wear out a flag? A Jolly Roger flag, I might add! Just what does she do on her weekends?

I think I posted a cropped version of this photo, but I just love it so much I decided to post it again but this time in original format. Mom, Aimee Laura are in the teal colored cup. See that dark spot on Mom's face? That's The Burnett Curse.

The front of the attraction that holds the "It's a Small World" ride with over 300 Audio-Animatronic dolls. "It's a Small World After All...." Behind me Apollo shakes hand of yet another person he knows confirming that yes, it is a small world after all. Because we were riding through during Christmas, the original song alternated with Christmas melodies.

Cool looking horse lit up with lights. I like their creativity with the mane.

Look at them, all so happy. The worlds most repetitive song is yet to be engraved on their minds. Of course, it doesn't help when someone sings the song at the top of their lungs, intentionally off-key.

One of the displays inside. I've decided to leave off any pictures of dolls. For some reason, they looked creepy in the pictures. You should see them in person instead. Go now. Go.

Why does it look like my eyes are crossed? Why do I not look happy? Why ...oh never mind.

This is what the world looks like for a short person. Yes, even when you hold your camera on your head, using your body as a tripod, even then all the tall people in the world get in the way.

Back! All of you!! Can't you see that a SHORT person is behind you?? I can't see the fireworks! And please, wear deodorant!

Somehow, the irony of using ones body as a tripod and then complaining about all the tall people has just now struck me as...funny.

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