Wednesday, December 28, 2005

More Disneyland pics II

And more fireworks.

After the fireworks, it began to "snow." This foamy stuff that looked just like snow started falling from the buildings around us. It was so cool!

Mom and Aimee waiting patiently for me to take the photo while "snow" melted around us. Mom is doing her best impression of "deer in headlights."

Aimee - she's one happy chick. :)

I was hoping to show the movement of the "snow" around Laura, so I had to take this one without a flash. And if you squint, you can see Laura's smiling face.

I'm sure Apollo was thinking, "Hey, I know that guy!" Yes, it's true. You see, everywhere we go he knows someone. We can be in the ghetto, a doctors office, North doesn't matter. He will know someone there. We saw one person that he can definitely say he knew who just happened to be our neighbor. There were several other people that he thinks he knew and of course plenty of people that he befriended. He's a friendly, talkative guy.

Mom, Aimee, Laura and that a foam-flake I see just above Aimee?

Dang, Laura is ALWAYS smiling!! The group was trying to decide what we should do next. I remember what Mom was saying. Something to do with shopping! (My aching feet!!)

Me, Apollo, Mom, Laura and Aimee in front of the Christmas tree just before we left.

Suddenly, it got cold. Very cold. Poor little Aimee was freezing her ears off. Laura wasn't so cold with, I don't know what kind of ears those are.

Finally, they huddled together for warmth as we were driven to our car.

Thank you Laura for making our trip to the Happiest Place on Earth so enjoyable!

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Daisy Ditzy Do said...

You are so welcome! I had the best time with you guys. Looking through the pictures again is even making me a little misty. *sniff*