Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Nearly eight weeks ago, I started a new program that is teaching me to completely change my lifestyle. It's a Christ centered bible study with emphasis on weight management. Basically, I have learned that I don't eat enough of the good stuff (vegetables, fruit, etc) and eat too much of the bad stuff (meat, bread, pasta). Since embarking into this new adventure called First Place,, I have initiated aerobics classes that meet seven to nine times a week at the church and have joined a gym! This is a great feat for me, as past gym memberships haven't proved to be so fruitful. Nevertheless, I now go to the gym five mornings a week and love every bit of pain my muscles go through! I'm addicted to the elliptical! I also join the bicycle "gang" (a group of friends from the church) that meets every Saturday morning for a aerobic and scenic bike ride. all time record!

Calories burned: 1100 all time record!

My first week I lost 4.7 pounds of water weight. And in each week following my induction into the program I have continued to lose more non-water fat-only weight. :) I am going to keep my weight loss a secret since I want to surprise Mom when I see her this winter. If anyone else wants to know, they can email me. Mom, forget it...don't even try. I'm sneakier than you! hehehe

I had an excellent workout this morning. I kept looking at Joel, wanting to quit, waiting for her to quit. And she was doing the same, apparently. Neither of us wants to stop if the other is still going. hehehe! I have to admit, I was the first to give the cut-at-the-neck signal. I was through!!!

At this point in the First Place program, I personally feel emotionally, psychologically, and physically drained. It's hard to fight these addictions that have brought me to this point. My whole life is changing and sometimes it's painful...very painful.

Speaking for myself, I can say I am often short tempered or more emotional than I usually am. The honeymoon is over, so the saying goes. I have to fight much harder to eat correctly (no, I can't have just one more piece of chicken), exercise (praise God Joel expects me to meet her every morning to work out at the gym), read the bible study, etc. Relationships are even being strained. Hopefully, my friends will forgive my transgressions and we can work together to fight our personal "demons."

I know, that like any inoculation, constant exposure to hardships Satan proposes will only make me stronger. Knowing he wants me to fail challenges me to work harder and take the growing pains of my new life in stride. Believe me, I look forward to each day of growth.

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