Sunday, November 07, 2004

dude...that's a lot!

I ate at Soup Plantation yesterday. I actually enjoyed being able to walk through a buffet and pick out all these wonderful good-for-me foods! But I was shocked at what I saw around me! Most of the people in the place (OK I realize it’s a buffet) were eating a LOT of food! I mean, their plates were full; they had extra food on their tray around the plate, not only on the tray but in small bowls and plates. Looking around me, I realized our society accepts and expects large portions.

After eating the smaller, structured portions recommended by the Live It plan, I no longer find those American sized portions we've become accustomed to acceptable. I was floored by what I saw! I’m so glad I’ve been given this opportunity to “step back into the box” and look back at what I’ve left behind.

On a side note, the Healthy Choice frozen meals used to be ridiculously small to me. Now, they are satisfactorily filling!

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