Friday, November 05, 2004

1,000 is a good number

Today on the elliptical I bumped myself up to level 2. I could only go for 30 minutes though. I had to stop a lot to stretch my legs. Of course, I always stretch before I get on. After trying level 2, I went back down to level 1 for ten minutes. I felt guilty for being on the machine so long, that I gave it up to a new member that wanted to try it. However, I reached my goal: 600 calories deleted! Next, I went to the treadmill. Now, usually, the treadmill is a cooldown. But today, I wanted to reach 900 calories so badly, that I went from elevation 1 to 6.5! That felt great! When I had attained my goal of 30 minutes, I was at 333 calories. Man, so close to 1,000! So, I raised the elevation to 10 and that's when the real work out began! I only had to walk go four minutes to burn an additional 70 calories. By the time I was done, I was exhausted. I'm beat! This has been a bad week for me...I get tired easily. However, drowsiness caused by a good work out is soooo worth it! I love it!

Calories burned: 1000

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