Thursday, November 04, 2004

I'm starting to understand the importance of getting eight hours of sleep every night. At least, if I'm going to work out like I want to everyday, I need to get plenty of sleep. These past couple weeks, I've tried to maneuver my sleep around tv. Isn't that sad?? I hadn't realized how much of a role tv played in my life until I started going to the gym. But then again, you'd think that after three weeks, I'd have figured it out by now. HA!

Above is a picture of me (not the greatest pic) and a five pound replica of fat!! It's so disgusting! Actually, I have a love hate relationship with The Fat. I'm awed and revolted at the same time. I took it to church and the two First Place groups. It was interesting to see everone's reactions. For those that had lost five pounds and felt disappointed because it wasn't as much as they were hoping for, The Fat made an impact. In the end, I had to take The Fat back to the gym, where it belonged. They were generous enough to loan it to me. :) I still see it during the and The Fat....we've bonded. hehehe

So, right before Halloween, I had a fall out with candy corn. I thought I would be able to handle it (I'm addicted to it) and bought some. Big mistake! Here's what happened:

The devils snack, candy corn, is sitting on the counter in the kitchen, a mere two feet away from the computer. It's waving its little plastic bag arms at me as I type. "Rayleen, Rayleeeen...come to me my love!" It haunts me with a sirens voice. Buttery aroma is wafting my way and I can imagine its sweet flava melting in my mouth. Yet, I am resisting it. I could put it out of sight. Yes, I know. But somehow, I feel more powerful by resisting this temptation that is right here, right in front of me!What is the way out He is providing? I dunno. Meanwhile, I stare at it's delicious piles of...WAIT A SECOND! The piles of yummy candy corn have just been replaced with a vision of a disgusting 5 pound fat replica! Staring at the devils snack, my eyes narrow suspiciously over the rim of my glass of light cran-grape juice. I am no longer tempted by this vile, hideous, yummy goodness.


update: Devil snacks taunted me in my dreams while taking an exercise induced coma-like nap. Even in my dream I was plagued by guilt after eating handfuls of the "mini-fat replicas." GAH!

Calories burned: 900

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