Sunday, May 31, 2009

Who knew carpet could be so disgusting?

I finally got all the carpet out of the bedroom. The worse part was in front of the closet and the doorway. The filth under the carpet padding between it and the carpet was just gross! At one point I smelled that powdered carpet deodorizer and really, it just kind of made me want to gag. Who knows how many years of human filth and dust mites are currently laying in a pile in the middle of the room right now. EWWWWW!

Almost there

Several hours later (it's amazing how the color on the wall changes when the natural light fades), the exposed floor is full of staples and the room is edged with carpet strips.

Sans carpet

Here's what I get to tackle next. Nasty adhesive! Apparently, at one time someone stuck tiles all over the nice maple floor. Fortunately I won't have to use any chemicals to get it up, just a lot of hard work. Mom said she'll come out and help me too.

You can see a little spot just about in the middle of the photo that I already started scraping. The wood looks pretty good too, I haven't found any major scratches or damaged wood yet.

Adhesive on the floor

Next: Clean the floor, finish the trim (some of the baseboard was under the carpet and has to be sanded since carpet was/is sticking to it) and then refinish the wood. Oh, and then curtains!


Lisa said...

oh my, what a lot of work. that's great there are no major dings & dents though. have you looked into renting a floor sander? might be worth the expense for that big an area, if the scraping turns out to be too back-intensive.

Kath said...

I've been a property manager and I am oh so familiar with what it looks like when you pull up old carpeting! But it does look like you have a lovely floor underneath and it'll be worth the effort to restore!