Friday, May 15, 2009

Mom's bush. (LOL)

So last weekend, Apollo and I went to Mom's to take care of this huge bush that keeps trying to over her sidewalk. Mom liked it because she could hide behind it when the elk invaded the yard and when strangers parked down by the barn. The problem is, the elk could hear or smell her and would take off. And the strangers down by the barn, well, what good was it to hide behind a gigantic bush that she couldn't even see through to shoot at them? After some "discussion," I was finally able to talk her into letting us remove it.

Giant evergreen type bush before removal

I called cousin Nate (owner of the Booty Pirate tattoo) and he brought over a chainsaw. Apollo used Mom's chainsaw and the two of them attacked the nearly 8 foot tall bush. Of course, Nate had to take several pot smoking breaks and a neighbor came to visit with some beer, so it took more than a few hours to get it cut down and the limbs removed.

Giant evergreen type bush before removal

Mom loves the new look but is now talking about planting a climbing rose bush arbor in its place. Apparently she hasn't learned any lessons. Then again, I think she'll be able to slide a rifle through the trellis to shoot at trespassers and thieves so it's a win/win in her book.


Lisa said...

taking potshots at elk from a rose bush? your mom sounds like one tough, er, mother!

Anonymous said...

I envy your mom... there's people I want to shoot at.