Thursday, May 28, 2009

I'm traumatized!

Now that Apollo is away on his trip, I can eat a lot more veggies without hearing complaints that there's nothing to put barbecue or hot sauce on at dinner. (Well, to give Apollo credit, he has been eating a lot of salads recently, no doubt helping him lose the 20lbs he's shed since we moved here.)

So today I fix my usual lunch salad, then threw some turkey meat on top and added some pineapple that I had freshly cut up. I turned the plate in circles while spritzing it with my Italian dressing when suddenly, I SAW A HUGE BEIGE SPIDER RIGHT THERE UNDER THE LIP OF MY PLATE.

A salad for lunch

Of course, my instinct was to spritz it to death! Unfortunately, this didn't quite kill it, as I saw it raise it's ass up in the air and attempt to crawl off. A napkin took care of that problem though, and into the trash he went!

So then I stood there, staring at my salad, wondering where that damn spider came from. Especially since some of the lettuce came from my garden! Did he come in with it??

After letting the salad sit for about 20 minutes while I did various chores and thought about what to do, I eyed it over and am now slowly eating the salad leaf by leaf and not with my usual gusto. I just can't let a dish like this go to wast. Seriously, I'm not a spider hater but I don't want to find one in my salad!

I'm a bit freaked out right now!!


Kath said...

Just think of it as a little extra protein! ;)

Dawn and Michelle said...

Rayleen, You had Dawn laughing! she said it is okay, just pick it off it probably was so surprised to see you!
It came off the lettuce they are out and about.
We would like to come and visit you and see the house. Be prepared for a drop in visit!

Stephanie said...

I'm such a wimp about spiders. I would have probably tossed the whole thing. :-)