Monday, May 25, 2009

First harvest

It's a bit of an understatement to say the radishes have exploded and are threatening to take over the carrots. I pulled up a few for tonight's salad and they have a nice bite! Some of them are starting to look like carrots due to my planting them too close together. They're crowding each other and growing down rather than out. The lettuce is prime too. I carefully cleaned it and looked for snails, after a friends story of eating fresh lettuce that unfortunately had a snail in it.

First harvest

This photo doesn't look too bad, considering it's from my cell phone. Apollo has my camera and he's in Houston at the moment. He left last week and will spend a total of four weeks in Houston and San Diego before returning home. It sure is quiet around here!

I'm pretty proud of him too. He texted me this morning about how all the food is so greasy in TX. I don't think the foods that different from his last visit, I just think he's eating so much better now and has gotten spoiled by all the veggies. In fact, today he voluntarily went to the store and bought salads! Salad! I guess there's a reason he lost those twenty pounds since we left San Diego after all.

Hopefully I'll have better photos of the garden soon. Everything is doing real well despite efforts by the raccoon to dig things up. Oh, and except the broccoli which has already flowered. I've heard contrasting reports that it's a done deal by one person and from another that the broccoli still has some life left in it now that I cut off those flowering heads. I guess we'll see.

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Daniel said...

The garden veggies look delicious! We planted tons of things, but don't have anything ready to harvest yet.