Friday, May 29, 2009

Paint is expensive

While Apollo's away, I'm going to try to do a little fixing up around here and surprise him when he returns. Yesterday Mom arrived and we moved everything out of the bedroom, including breaking down the bed and vanity. Aimee joined us and we applied primer to the main bedroom walls and ceiling. Today we painted the ceiling and put on two coats of a warm sage green. It's not quite the color I thought it would be but I'm warming up to it.

Main bedroom

It was so hot today, the second coat was drying as quickly as we could put it on. After it had dried, I excitedly peeled back two corners of the carpet to take a look at the hardwood floors. I was disappointed to see adhesive all over the beautiful hard wood. This spells out hours...nay, days of hard work on my part.

Main bedroom

I'll start on the carpet and floor tomorrow. The faster I can get that all done, the faster I can move back into my new room and start the other rooms before Apollo returns in a couple weeks.

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Kath said...

I like the color! It's very calm and relaxed. I'm dreaming of painting my bathroom later this summer, but I've got a few more crucial projects first.

You're probably right - refinishing that floor could be quite a chore. But I bet it'll be beautiful when it's done!