Monday, July 14, 2008

We got it!

That's right, one of Apollo's connections called him today with the message that he had put a Wii Fit off to one side for us. Within 30 minutes, we had it set up and were hula hooping. I really enjoy it and am so glad we got it.

Simba, of course, thinks it's something for him to lay on. Whenever we'd step off, even for a minute, he'd lay his body across it.

At one point we were getting ready for another set of aerobics when we saw this message:
(click to read screen better)
"Confirmation complete! Your weight seems to be really different from last time. Do you want to continue anyway?" Too bad I can't create a Mii Cat. Then again, I don't really think Simba's too motivated to do much other than slap his sister, poop and lay around.

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Jen said...

My friend has one and totally loves. I am still trying to convince Dave that I NEED one.