Friday, July 11, 2008

Exciting friday night

I finally finished the first of the Summer Socks for Mom. I'm hoping to have both of them done by the time I leave for her place next week. I also don't really like the colors and thus knitting them annoys me. Just one more to go though. I just have to make sure I recreate all the significant mistakes I made in the first sock.

Meanwhile, I've wanted to learn how to spin for a while now. The fact that it's such an old technique that our "foremothers" used for thousands of years speaks to me. I can't quite explain why I feel the need to give it a try but after doing some research, I finally decided to buy a spindle. I saw a blog posting about Tour de Fleece and thought, what the hell, maybe this will get me started. Well, I'm sad to report that due to my work schedule and a frustrating lack of spindles and roving in my area, I gave up and ordered one online. (I actually received it only 3 days after I ordered it from Greensleeves Spindles.) While I won't be able to join the many people who are spinning yards and yards of yarn, I can at least say I have acquired a spindle, will get wool tomorrow on my lunch break and will start spinning before I leave for my trip on the 17th. Hopefully I'll be able to spin while Apollo drives.

Sock knitting continues, of course, but spinning may become a new obsession. We will see. Anyway, guess I should go to bed so I am somewhat rested for work tomorrow.

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Anonymous said...

I'm the same way! I just ordered a spindle and some roving and am anxiously waiting for it to arrive so I can give this a go. I love the idea of being able o crochet something with yarn that I made myself. Good luck with yours and if you discover any tricks that help you out please thik of me and post them, lol.

From Rayleen in Canada