Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Puttin' down paw

It's the night before we leave for drive to Oregon and I'm nervous about the little things like, what time should we leave to avoid morning traffic (hell) in L.A.? Where will we stay the night? How far will we get? Will we get in the way of all the traffic going to put out the fires in Northern Cal? Will the cats be OK? I feel bad for them, I can already see their unknowing little faces staring and yawning as we walk out of the apartment. Thankfully we have a babysitter, Big Mac, lined up to feed, water and clean out their litter boxes.

<-- I'm planning on using Twitter to post updates, you should see them in the upper left corner of my blog over there. Meanwhile, Zoe the Siren has just let me know it's massage time. Since she won't be getting any massages for a while, I'm going to lay it on thick tonight.

PS: Those are freckles, not dirt. And his toes look bumpy from the texture of the Wii Fit board.

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Wendee said...

Have a safe trip!!!