Saturday, July 12, 2008

Roving and holes

Today on my lunch break I went to Black Sheep in Encinitas to buy some roving. I basically had a choice between two different types, New Zealand and Merino. Though half the price, the New Zealand was rough and didn't feel good. I didn't really want to learn to spin with something that felt scratchy so I bit the bullet, paid a little more and bought the Merino. I got 4 ounces of pink, 4 ounces of purple (I swear, it looked more merlot in the store) and 8 ounces of blue. There weren't many color choices and I felt this is the best I could do. Besides, I'm a newbie so this is fine.

I brought the roving home and prepared to get everything ready to take a picture for you. But first, since I met my goal of 96 ounces of water a day, a trip to the bathroom. It was here that I discovered I have about four or five holes in my pants. In the ass. *sigh* I'm soooo embarrassed. I mean, I went out in public today AND worked in the office with a couple of the guys. Not to mention all the bending over I did while looking through the roving. This is what I get for using the washing machine here in the building, it always chews holes in our clothes. Just when I get desperate enough and forget how bad the machine is, I give it a try and it eats my clothes.

While I was lamenting over my situation, I heard the crackling sound of paper and I realized one of the cats were probably getting into the paper bag that held the roving. I had a good idea who the culprit was since he's always getting into things. However, I had no idea what he was really up to.

As I walked out of the bathroom, I caught him in the act of stalking and bum-rushing the roving. Here he is eyeing his prey, waiting for it to move so he can kill it. I had no idea this beautiful combed roving could turn into fluffy clouds of puffs. So sad!

It must smell good because he wants to chew it. I'm sure he would make a bed out of it if he could.

So here it is. Hopefully the next time you see it, you'll see something that somewhat resembles yarn. I'm sure it'll look horrible but I'm fine with that.

I think I'll buy my next roving online where I'll have a larger variety of colors to choose from (look at me, I'm already planning to buy more and I haven't even spun anything yet) . I'll buy some new pants too. My god, one of the holes is huge. Huge!

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