Tuesday, February 19, 2008


It's 10:30pm and I feel much more confident about my essay which should be done by midnight. After a "brief" (two hour) phone call to Aimee in which I hoped to get some moral support (unsuccessful) and in which Aimee suggested that "turning in a half-ass essay is better than no essay at all because your teacher will just think you're stupid and will be impressed with your final paper and see how much you've supposedly improved," she had the NERVE to suggest I box up my knitting and "put it away" when I told her about my recent knitting injury. *big breath*


We did, however, manage to wear down the batteries in both of her handsets so she won't be able to talk to anyone else tonight. I feel a tiny bit vindicated. Bitch!

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aimee said...

Hey!! I'm just trying to help you work the system, man! You know, the Procrastinator Guide to School! Sheesh.
(Okay, so it only worked for me in one class...)
I'm going through the same thing - it's hard to be motivated to do homework sometimes. Or study. Whatever... I think I'll go re-stack my firewood or something. (who needs that studying stuff anyway?)