Sunday, February 17, 2008

At least I smell yummy

I'm putting the finishing touches on my memo and just found chocolate smeared all over the side of my hand. At first I suspected it was cat poo, I know, don't ask me why. Well, except that Zoe is sleeping right next to me. But then I realized that the chocolate mess was much bigger than I thought. It's melting into cracks in my laptop! While investigating, I found a HUGE clump of chocolate that had melted into my shirt. *sigh* I have no idea where this much chocolate came from. I ate a chocolate chip cookie about half an hour ago but don't remember clumps of chocolate chips falling all over the place! ARGH! Well, I guess the damage is done.

Still, no reward for the wicked, even if that does mean washing up. Must get back to memo. My goal of finishing by 5pm has sadly not been met. :(

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