Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Scarecrow or Tinman? Or...Lion??? (ARGH I hate multiple punctuation)

So I have a couple decisions to make. As you know I'm registered in the Intellectual Property Certificate program at UCSD. I'm having a tough time. I know, I know. I have it easier than most people with kids, etc. Look, everyone's situation is different. Here's mine. I'm stressed. I'm bitchy at work and at home. I'm in over my head! I've been having a hard time deciding whether or not I should stay in the program. On one hand, you would think that since I'm deliberating this so intensively, and if you talk with me regularly in chat or on the phone you know what I mean, it's because I'm really not that interested in the topic and am just doing it because it's The Right Thing to Do. Or, it's because I'm so tired all the time (getting home at 10pm-10:30pm and getting up at 5am) and can't think straight. Like right now. I'm so tired, I don't even care if I miss American Idol tonight. The thought of studying case law makes me cringe. I want to sleep. But I feel too guilty to sleep! But I digress.

Last night I went to a Biotech Patent Law class. Ahem. Ok for the first half of the class we reviewed DNA, mRNA, proteins, cloning, chemical compounds, polyploid clams, and recombinant protein. I learned that the petals of a flower considered as a whole are called the corolla. I also learned the chemical formula for Botox (Botulinum toxin, pictured to the left) is C6760 H10447 O2010 S32 and can be used to treat crossed eyes, migraine headaches, TMJ and excessive salivation.

Look, I was an art major. I started drawing stick figures in the margins of my paper (which is a fine testimony to my education), my eyes dried up and glazed over from boredom. The rest of my classmates hold Masters or Ph.D's in some sort of science field or are Scientists, they were bored because they studied these topics as undergrads.

Of course, I can drop this class and take some information technologies classes (a combination of computer, software and copyright law) instead, which would round up the certificate with only 7 more classes to take,other than the three I'll have completed by March.

Ok second option. I could just take the classes I'm really interested in but don't lead to a certificate. You know, like Criminal Law and Procedure or even Estate Planning.

Last, I could just finish up the classes I'm in and be done with it, which leaves time for knitting and sleeping. I'm pretty sure I've met my MCLE requirements for the next couple years.

Anyway, that's it. Prepare for the future as best as I can through sacrifice or study what I enjoy but probably won't pay as well? Follow my brain or my heart?


aimee said...

Hmmm... which area are you most likely to get a job in? And enjoy?

Jen said...

Follow the money. Do the thing you don't like now, the job you get from it will provide you enough money to do the things you like (like knitting and watching TV ^_^)