Wednesday, February 27, 2008

So Cal, where seasons don't exist

I just stepped outside for a quick break and saw a bird hopping through the bushes on the hill across the parking lot. It wasn't until I saw the bird that I noticed it was singing. Suddenly my ears were open to a chorus of birds around me. I somehow blocked out the airplane and nearby traffic and for a few seconds, I remembered what spring is like.

With a cry similar to a kingfisher, the bird hopped quickly through the bushes foraging for food. A cool breeze gently brushed against my skin, it felt cool. I looked up at the blue sky and down at the flowers blooming flowers around me. It made me recall the seemingly sturdy yet fragile spring flowers that grow in the damp shaded area's of my playground. I miss the trillium's, daffodils and iris's. I miss exploring, getting dirty and splashing through cold creeks. I miss watching the environment around me open its eyes, discover life and grow after a cold, ugly winter.

Closing my eyes, I inhaled the sweetness of the air, made a mental note of those few seconds and went back inside to my computer.

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