Friday, February 15, 2008

Disappointed with PetSmart

A couple days ago an older gentleman here in San Diego took his dog to the PetSmart on Murphy Canyon Road to get groomed.

It turns out somehow the little Chihuahua got loose and ran out of the store. PetSmart didn't contact the dog's owner until two hours had passed. When the heart broken gentleman talked to the store, they told him he had signed a liability waiver and there was nothing they could do. The store further issued this statement: "...the pet escaped from the grooming salon and out the door. The family should be working with the store manager to resolve the issue." Are you kidding me? How cold!

The good news is the dog was found two days after he came up missing by the gentleman's son at a near by fast food restaurant, cowering in the bushes with a broken leg. The day after the news report ran, PetSmart hired a dog detective but of course his services weren't needed. (On a side bar, but where else than in California would there be a dog detective!). PetSmart has now offered to pay for the broken leg. (A smart move if you ask me.)

Um, they're lucky it wasn't me that lost my pet at their store. I would have totally flipped out and turned into a crying and crazed lunatic And if it was someone else, PetSmart would probably have to answer to more in the court of law. Signing a liability waiver at PetSmart is like signing a liability waiver at your doctor's office. Pulease!

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