Sunday, January 08, 2006

Faythe's Christmas present

It's the 8th of January and I'm finally blogging Faythe's present to me. I'm a bad friend. However, I'm lucky in that I have Faythe who always forgives me and continues to give me my presents each year on time.

Faythe had been crocheting since...well, a long time. She can whip up an afghan in a matter of days! Or at least, that's what it seems like to me. She can also make doilies like there's no tomorrow; I have to give her props for that. There's no way I can commit to something that tiny.

For more of Faythe's crochet projects, check this out. She used to have more on there, maybe we can bug her into including a few of her finished crochet projects on her blog? I haven't seen any in a while. I only see rants about Sandra Lee on her blog nowadays. Maybe I can start a petition here more crafty pics. Have you done any embroidery lately Faythe? Come on, where's your old lady sense!!

OK so I finally got batteries and took pictures of the shawl Faythe crocheted me. I have to admit, it looks much better in person. The close up pictures look great, but I had a really hard time taking a photo of the entire finished product. I'm including one anyway.

ARGH! I hate that this is such a low quality photo, but I wanted to show it to you in its entirety.

And now, because I'm so disgusted I couldn't get a good shot of the entire thing, I'm going for sensory overload with close ups of the shawl. Check out how she mixed the gold with the cream. The pattern sort of looks like flowers or leaves.

Nice edging too. Faythe mentioned that she had considered adding fringe. While I think fringe would have looked nice on it too, Faythe and I both acknowledged that I have this "thing" against fringe. But, I'm learning to like it. As long as it doesn't get in my eyes, I'll be ok. Meanwhile, I like this without fringe. I think it could go either way though.

I tried to figure out how it was pieced together but I couldn't. The mixing of gold and cream seems random, but I know it isnt.

And lastly, the bottom of the V. Pretty, huh? Thanks Faythe!


Yaya said...

Very pretty, I am jealous.

aimee said...

wow, that's amazing... it's so pretty!

Faythe said...

Sorry to disappoint you, but the gold pattern is completely random. The yarn 'transitioned' between the gold and the cream. No piecing necessary! If I had to sew that many pieces together, I would have tried to kill myself! I will have pictures of Ryan's nearly finished sweater up on my blog soon, I promise! I'll probably start blocking it tonight.