Saturday, January 14, 2006

Cool scarves

I saw these crocheted scarves at my local yarn store, Two Sisters and Ewe, yesterday and went back today with my camera to get some pictures for Janet and Faythe. Janet is house-bound due to her surgery (she's doing really good) and Faythe is Mistress Crotchety Crawcheter. You can get the pattern at Two Sisters (I'd give you their URL but oddly enough, it's broken) or if you write me, I can help you out. Take it from me, though, it's a simple pattern.

Anyway, I was attracted to these scarves from the beginning. I like that they're a mixture of media. Ribbon and yarn are two different media's, right? The scarf on the left felt like an acrylic but I could be wrong. The scarf in the middle used a cotton blend and the far right was a cotton. (I'm guessing) I liked that the cotton felt nice and heavy, but the acrylic was nice and soft.

The pattern uses two pieces of ribbin for each row and left a tail on each side to use as fringe.

The pictures just don't do them justice, they look much better in person.


Daisy Ditzy Do said...

Those are very cute!

aimee said...

Very pretty! I like 'em!