Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving treat

I am not a big fan of the traditional Thanksgiving meal. Faythe is scandalized every time I say something like that and usually I say it just to get a rise out of her. (Most people would wonder why I want to poke a rabid animal with a stick but frankly, it's fun to watch her get all riled up, spit and thrash about wildly. This is no exaggeration. Just ask her about chicken fried steak sometime.) But this time it's true. I just do not get turkey and mashed potatoes. It doesn't seem much different from what we eat year round anyway. Well, we have chicken a lot, not turkey, but it's the same thing to me.

This year I decided to try something a little different than the boring and customary pumpkin, cream and fruit pies that are popular in my family. Enter the apple dumpling. I had no idea what it was, I had to search for it on It was there that I realized the dumpling is a glorified one apple pie. I almost didn't give it a try until Aimee reminded me of a whiskey sauce we once had on a dessert at a tea house in San Diego and I realized it just might be the thing to liven up the dish.

Apple dumpling

And it was. Oh my God. Delicious. I'm going to tweak the hodgepodge recipe a little because all the sugar in the whiskey sauce combined with the sugar in the dumpling was a little too much, but other than that, I think it's pretty good. I am going to make more this weekend for Mom's Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday (everyone had busy schedules, this worked out the best).

I know it's not that much of a stray from the usual Thanksgiving dessert, but at least for me it was enough.

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Lisa said...

Oh I LOVE apple dumplings. Please post the recipe when you get a chance. whisky sauce sounds fantastic too. YUM