Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Garlic is in the ground

Last year I planted the garlic in January, a couple months too late. The garlic turned out OK, but I don't think they were fully developed or as big as they could have been. I also used store garlic and later learned that was a no-no too. This time I bought seed garlic from a local nursery, a softneck California variety and a hardneck Spanish Roja. The Spanish Roja is supposed to be hotter but harder to grow. Hopefully all will go well.

Rather than plant them in rows in the old existing garden, I decided to use one of the raised beds and covered them with a layer of leaf mulch. These beds are awesome. I don't see myself using anything other than raised garden beds from here on out. It's easy to control the weeds, easy to get to the vegetables, great for fertilizing a controlled area and they drain nicely.

Garlic bed

I'm still getting zucchini, though they're growing slower. And the tomato plants, though we picked all the green tomatoes several weeks ago, are producing more green tomatoes. They just won't quit!

Still producing zucchini

Some of the plants look a little funky, but they're still going about their business. I still have a bunch of carrots in the ground too. I am planning on blanching and then freezing them.

I love my garden!

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