Sunday, November 15, 2009

Cleaning the bones

Aimee and I eat meat off bones a little differently. She sucks her bones clean while I tend to leave fat, gristle, veins, (shudder) you know, that nasty stuff, behind. In fact, when I lived in San Diego, Apollo's brother Tee used to clean my chicken bones for me because I "left a lot of good stuff behind." We often joke that Aimee cleans her bones like Tee and I clean mine like "white people." I don't have a problem with that either.

Today Apollo slow cooked two game hens and some beans, resulting in a chicken bone/gristle/fat bean stew. Not my favorite. Sure, it tasted great and the meat was delicious, especially since it had cooked in broth and beans but there was some funky chicken parts in it. During dinner Aimee decided to rub it in that she sucked the vertebrae clean and even pulled what she thought was the spinal cord right out and ate it. I'm disgusted, even as I type this.

Showing me a cleaned chicken bone

Here she is with her insolent face, showing off one of her very clean bones. Somehow attempting to imply that her bone cleaning is superior to mine. Eh, little sisters. What can you do.

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