Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Our neighbors

I had worried that we'd move in to our house and discover that we had one of those type of neighbors, the kind that's cranky and unwilling to work with you when it comes to boundaries, bushes, etc. Well, my worries were unfounded since all our neighbors (even the rednecks) have proved to be awesome.

So far we have tentative commitments to split costs in replacing two fences (one has already been replaced). One neighbor, who has also become a close friend, works in construction and is willing to help us slowly remodel our house. Another neighbor is a plumber and is going to help us find a hot water heater this weekend at a lower than market price. Yet another neighbor works with and has access to roofing material. This will come in handy since we need to fix a leak in our carport roof. Yep, I'd say we're pretty damn lucky.

Unfortunately, I don't have much to give them in exchange though I did offer them access to my knowledge of yarn and knitting. I'm sure you know how that went.

Here's a couple neighbors with Apollo discussing options for the yard, which we hope to take out and redo this spring. We had just finished cutting out a giant out-of-control rosemary bush that blocked the porch, two large rosebushes and some other unidentified bush; all planted too close to the foundation and requiring an axe to chop the tree-like roots. Note the ingenious hands-free method of holding a coffee cup.

A few days before we attacked the bushes, Apollo grilled up some pork and beef Mom gave us. Mom thought it was too cold to grill but clearly she doesn't understand the relationship between a man and his grill. Fortunately we have a carport which practically serves as a gigantic covered porch where we can do as much grilling as we wish whenever we want.

It was absolutely delicious and exceptionally moist! Apollo and the guys are planning on grilling up some pork chops this Saturday. It looks like we'll be exchanging Apollo's excellent grilling skills and food for help with our house. I don't think anyone can say no to that.


Jeff Melton said...

You know the last time a large black man like apollo had on gloves that look like the didn't quite fit........... The neighbors are dead now aren't they!? It's okay your secret is safe with me. BTW, the pork looked awesome!

Anonymous said...

But the 100 dollar question of the day is.... Did your mom kill the pig?! Was it a wild one eating her vegetable garden?!?!

I, er....Hi. I'm Rayleen. said...

You know, I don't know where Mom got that pork. Hm.