Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Introducing, Beyonce. The cat whose tail curves to the left.

I'm not sure what her real name is or if she's even a she. But we thought the name fitting.

We think the people who lived in this house last left her behind since she has tried to run inside and meows at the back door until we give her food. She's a real sweetie and is very talkative whenever we pet her. She looks a bit skinny or possibly is an older cat.

After we discovered her sleeping on our doormat and then on the dirt in the corner by the steps in a tight ball one rainy day, I set out a box with a fleece cat blanket in it. It sat there for about five days before I discovered her in it today. Though my cats don't know about her new sleeping place, I think she may be responsible for the muddy paw prints on my living room window.

1 comment:

Karyn said...

she's a cutie! i'd slowly let your cats get used to seeing her and smelling her, then let her come in. what a sweet looking cat!!