Thursday, February 05, 2009


The washer and dryer I bought back in November came in a week early and will be delivered tomorrow afternoon. This means that for the first time ever, every single piece of clothing, all linens and blankets will be clean AT ONE TIME. I can't wait! I've heard that I need to use special HE (High Efficiency) detergent, which I'm totally unprepared for but I'm sure that can be remedied. I'm not even sure if this is true or is just a marketing ploy.

Meanwhile, I just ate a whole quart sandwich bag of frozen blueberries. I eat them in lieu of other high calorie or fatty snacks. My stomach is already grumbling.

Today Aimee and I went to the local library to pick up a couple books. The drive to the library is always a trip down memory lane since we have to drive right by the tiny house we lived in during my first through third grades. Nearby is the big scary church we used to run by on the way home from school (not so big nor scary now) and the alley we walked down and magically found toys in the mud puddles (we honestly thought it was a mystery).

Anyway, we spent an hour or so at the library picking out our books and went up to the counter to check them out when we discovered that even though we live in the city, our neighborhood doesn't pay city taxes! We pay county taxes which means we have to pay out-of-city fees! There isn't a county library, so we're stuck paying either $7 a month at our city's library or $10 a month a neighboring library. Aimee paid the fee for one month, we're going to reevaluate later to see if we'll even use the library that much.

Erg, my stomach.

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Chad said...

The HE formula has less bubble/foaming solution as it's not needed in front loading machines.
You can use your old detergent until it runs out, BUT only use half your usual amount or less.
The HE detergent also leaves less residue in your clothes.