Sunday, March 16, 2008

I survived! I SURVIVED!!

This weekend I finished a trademark office action, trademark research project full of "what ifs" and a patent invalidity research project. I can't believe how stressed and tied down to those classes I was! Well wait, maybe the intermittent crying was some sort of indicator. I'll tell you what, I made Big Mac mighty uncomfortable when he asked me if I was OK. I've never seen so many attempts to avert eyes while making reassuring comments. Heh! Plus there's the whole sock fiasco I've got going on right now. Ten stitches per inch with 2.25m needles! I'm guessing here but I think I'm usually around 8. I need to finish up the last sock before I relax too much and the sock suddenly becomes misshapen. Yes, I'm that addicted that I managed to squeeze a few rows at a time when I should have been sleeping,

And the fact that I just told Faythe it's a luxury to read her blog....WELL. I just can't imagine doing patent research for a living. No, it's just not my cup o' tea. (Pulease, I'm hoping the instructor gives me a B for effort!)

I'm sure certain friends, if they still read my blog, are wondering why I haven't talked to them lately. Sorry! I'll get in touch!

Meanwhile, I now appreciate my life and the time I have to myself. In fact, I'm going to spend all of tomorrow doing selfish, unproductive things like going to a movie, going shopping or knitting! EEE! I think Bob Marley's Jamming which I'm listening to right now pretty much sums up my mood. Turn up the volume, baby!

I may take a class next term, but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it. In about two weeks. I feel nauseated already!!

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aimee said...

I'm not allowed to think about next term yet. Um... by my own orders.

After finishing my last day in the CNA program (although I still have to get my CPR card), I took one final exam today, I have one tomorrow and the hardest one on Thursday. PRAY FOR ME!!!! AAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!