Friday, March 28, 2008

1x1 Rib Cast-On

I started a new pattern today which calls for a 1x1 Rib Cast-On. The instructions were hard to understand and I almost gave up. But after several awkward attempts, I finally figured it out.

Faythe asked what the difference was between the two and at first I didn't think there was a noticeable difference. But my curiosity got the best of me and I cast on some Long Tail stitches to compare. Well, I was wrong! The top needle is the usual Long Tail Cast-On I usually start out with while the bottom shows the 1x1 Rib Cast-On. I'm glad I decided to follow the instructions after all.


Wendee said...

That's what I meant about a rocky start on my rav posting. I had to have my friend READ me the directions to get it. But it's weird to work two rows before joining in the round, yes? Super stretchy, though. Then of course I spazzed out and didn't do the slip ones in the first and second rows so had to unknit and start over.

My gauge is off - HUGE sock. It's for a sample, so I'm not worried, however if I was doing this for my feet I'd needle down to a 1.5 or maybe even a 1. Hmmm...

1.5 chart repeats into it. Love the pattern!

Rayleen said...

Yeah I had some issues with it. The only reason I decided to go for it is because I would be able to say I learned something new. I also messed up on the first two rows! I think I knit them in a round but I know I had to frog it twice. It was a mess!

I'm hoping these socks fit my aunt. If nothing I know they'll fit my square feet but I bought the yarn for her. I like the pattern enough I'd be willing to knit them again with smaller needles but there shall be NO FROGGING.