Friday, January 25, 2008

Saving up for a "rainy day?"

I learned some interesting news today at work that may or may not affect our future. With this in mind, and other aggravating factors, I've been thinking of making some life changes. These changes will directly affect my ability to frivolously buy yarn on whim. Thank goodness I've been stocking up!

Yesterday my latest purchases arrived from Hazel Knits. Obsessed? You decide. To the left is Weekend Warrior and Plum Glace. The photo doesn't accurately catch the colors, you'll have to check out the store for accuracy. I suggested to Apollo that I could make him some socks out of Weekend Warrior and he got a funny look on his face. Apparently, the colors aren't manly enough aka black. HMPH! Whatever! I'll make something for myself. Seriously, it looks so nice in person, I especially like the green.

This is Fireberry and Pink Tulip. The Fireberry isn't as pink/purple as I thought, but I think I love it more just the way it is! In fact, when I opened the package and took each yarn out, I fondled them all, sniffed them and held them next to my skin for a few seconds while Apollo stared at me as if something was wrong. As if!

Oh, and the two sets of yarn came wrapped in tissue paper with other bits of yarn tying them together. GREAT marketing idea! I fell in love with Greenlake just from a couple feet of yarn. SERIOUS ISSUES PEOPLE! Oh, and the nice little stitch marker Wendee includes in every order? Is it just me or would her stitch markers make cute earrings?? Perhaps I need more sleep.

I haven't decided what patterns I'm going to knit or who each color "belongs" to, but I'm tempted to save them all for myself.

I'm feeling decidedly needy.


Jen said...

Awwww, so pretty. I am pretty sure one of them have my name on it ;).

aimee said...

I like how the Weekend Warrior and Plum Grace look together. I'm not a purple fan, but I've always liked how dark purples and greens look next to each other.

Rayleen said...

I'd be happy to make you some socks, Jen. Which colors appeal to you the most? What types of patterns do you like?

Jen said...

I like the multi color one in the first image and any design will do.I am not picky... really... even though I am sure other people would disagree ;)