Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Chocolatey yumminess

I rolled up a hank of Chocolatier from Hazel Knits and was surprised at its beauty. (The funny thing just now is how I typed "buty" instead of "beauty." I guess I need more sleep.)

OK, you may be thinking, "but it's just brown." But look closer my friend.

Eh? You see? Look at the cinnamon, plum, chestnut and chocolate colors blending in together. Doesn't it just make your mouth water? It certainly looks yummy to me! Every time I see something this nice I want to knit plain stockinette just to show off its "buty-ful" colors. I just may do that this time.


Wendee said...

Hi Rayleen! Check on Ravelry - there is a plain stockinette sock there as well as a Freya. I'm thinking about making some Nutkins with Chocolatier - but I have to finish my Nutkins with the Chuckanut first... So glad you like the yarn!!

aimee said...

Very pretty!