Friday, August 10, 2007


We're getting a later start than expected (by a day and a half) but we're finally leaving for Oregon! I feel like I just put everything important to me in two suit cases. Well, except for the cats. I feel so bad leaving them behind. Hopefully Big Mac and Tee will pet them a lot though. It's going to be hard on them since they're used to someone sleeping here, etc.

Oh and I will probably be away from the computer for much of my time in OR. EEK! Well, I will be taking a look at Mom's computer and to see what's wrong with it. Consequently I will try to blog a little but she has dialup so I can't guarantee I'll be able to load any pics. Dialup!!

Anyway, I'll update you when I can. This is Apollo's first time north of San Francisco and his first road trip through California. :)



aimee said...

Yeah, I have dial-up too... but it's only about ten bucks a month!!! I'm a starving student!

OC Mama said...

Have a fun trip!

I like most of the drive from Socal up through Oregon. :-)

Yaya said...

I feel your pain! My cousin has "high speed" connection in Taiwan, but man, it took about 15 minutes to load up 5 photos. I guess high speed means something else totally different in Taiwan!