Thursday, August 23, 2007

And I'm back!

Actually, I got back Tuesday around 10am. Though we drove up to Oregon in two days, staying the night in a hotel near San Francisco, we wanted to get home so badly that we drove straight home only stopping for gas and goodies. I'm just now recovering from the long drive (each time I do this, I tell myself I'll never do it again and before I know it, I'm planning another trip). It's been tough getting back into the groove at work.

So I've decided that rather than type up long winded stories about my vacation, I'm going to blog random photos starting from day one. I'm also going to add a folder to Flickr so you can look at them there too. Of course, I won't have them uploaded all at once, I'll let you know when they're all up.

Here's the first photo we took on our trip. (Click to fully appreciate the cow population!) It was somewhere near dusk on Day One as we were driving through California and I looked over and saw cows! Thousands of cows everywhere!! I of course thought of Faythe (because she appreciates them so much) and took this photo while Apollo drove. Mom said they put the cows in these over-crowded fields, pump them full of food and chemicals and sell them. I'm not sure if there's any truth to it but I don't see any other reason why they'd have all these poor cattle crammed into small spaces. It was awful. I was aghast!

In case you couldn't see the cows, here's a closeup. The colored masses = cows!

Alright then, I'll post more later.

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OC Mama said...

Is that the one off the 5 in the middle of nowhere? I am always amazed at the number of cattle there, as well as the horrible smell. You know you're getting close before you get there! LOL