Monday, August 06, 2007

Mishap Monday

I wanted to finish the last Chutes N Ladders sock before my trip to Oregon and with all this napping and lying around, it seemed a waste of time not to knit. So, I've been knitting along, totally aware that I was running low on yarn but assumed I would have enough to finish the pair. With every other pair of socks I've knit, I've always had plenty of yarn left over - too much it seemed. I'm sure you can see where this was going. I was a half inch into the toe when I realized I only had about a foot of yarn left. So, here I sit staring at the two socks. I've considered knitting the toes of both socks in a different blue but somehow, it seems like it would take away from the design of the leg. Faythe, who is nothing but an enabler, suggested I buy a new hank of yarn of the same color to complete them, then use the extra yarn to make those short ankle socks Aimee likes so much. I haven't decided if my heart or brain will win this one. *sigh*

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