Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Chutes N Ladders socks - done!

Well, my brain won this battle. I blame it on The Sick. When I last blogged about this socks I had realized I didn't have enough yarn to finish off the toe on the second sock. Faythe, who is evil, encouraged me to buy more yarn to finish them off. Seriously, I considered this for two inches of one toe. My healthy self would have done it too or would have at least seriously entertained the though. My sick retching self sick said, "Screw it!" and used some left over dark blue yarn from a different project and used it for toes on both socks. I would rather not do this, EVER, but this will have to do. BTW, the yarn isn't this bright. It's more subdued.

Yarn: Blue Moon Socks that Rock lightweight in Midsummers Night and Lucy in the Sky for toes
Pattern: Chutes N Ladders from Fun Sox Yahoo Group

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