Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Why yes, my vision is blurry, why do you ask?

I recently experienced a virus in both eyes. It was great. I felt, well, vindicated. Have you ever gone to the doctor and found out you just had a cold? Something that's treated with drinking water, taking aspirin and plenty of sleep and you felt stupid for wasting everyone's time? This time, I was right. I was giddy with glee, kind of like the time I broke my elbow and the doctor said, your elbow is broken, you can't drive a car! And I said, really? But I've been driving for a week even though it hurt when I turned right. And left. And shifted. Yes, that kind of glee, an unbalanced loco HAHAHAHA kind of glee. Anyway, back to my eyes...there was definitely something wrong. Instead of being worried, I was happy. But then again, I have developed a habit of waiting until an illness or broken bone (heh) has gone on a wee bit too long before I go to the doctor. How do you know when to go anyway? Shaw!

So, my final visit to the doc to make sure this whole bad viral thing was gone included checking my vision. Apparently I was over compensating with one eye for the other! This made it difficult to get an accurate reading, so he resorted to dialating my eyes. He said something about paralyzing the Anyway, long story short, my eyes are much worse than anticipated! He asked me if my vision is blurry. My response, Yes, isn't it supposed to be like that? I was serious! I didn't think anything was crystal clear, for some reason that just makes sense to me. (Remember, I cried myself to sleep for a week because my elbow hurt so bad but it never occurred to me I needed to get an x-ray.) So I get a prescription, go to a local store to buy contacts and - well, it turns out that ONE OF MY EYES IS SO BAD THAT THEY DON'T CARRY THE CONTACTS IN THE STORE! That's right! So the headaches I've been experiencing after staring at the screen all day long will have to continue until my special order arrives.

Lasik is starting to sound more and more appealing each day. That and therapy.


aimee said...

Hey, Regis Philbin is getting Lasik surgery today! Of course, he has the money... But I wonder if insurances help with that?

Faythe said...

How bad do your eyes have to be before they stop carrying prescriptions in a store???