Friday, October 06, 2006


It's definitely fall, the temperature is in the lower 60 degrees! That's freezing! HEEHEEEE! Now that I've been in San Diego for all these years, my blood has gotten thin. It's chilly out! I just wish it got colder. I love the cold weather!

Apparently the cats think so too. They're always cuddling up to get warm. You can see how spoiled the cats are, they have a fleece blanket in their cat tree bowl. It has cars on it cause Simba likes automotibles. No really, it's true. Whenever he hears a big truck drive by, he runs to the bedroom window and looks out. Dumptrucks and street sweepers are his favorite!

Don't they look annoyed? I know, the look of annoyance is so uncharacteristic of cats. :)

OK, I admit it. I have nothing to post. Hence the cat photo.


Brianna said...

The cats are adorable!! Too cute.

aimee said...

I smelled woodsmoke here the other day: A sure sign of fall.