Sunday, October 01, 2006

Mattress stitch

I finally finished my Aunt's Christmas stocking tonight. Well, actually I'm not completely finished, I'm going to add a flannel liner later. But the yarn part is over.

Like the Knit-Nerd that I am, I was so excited to finally learn how to do a mattress stitch correctly last night. I took pictures! When I seamed the Christmas stockings last year, I used a whip stitch. Eek! I finally looked up the instructions for the mattress stitch on where I was able to watch a video. There's also some great instructions at Knitty if you're not able to stream videos.

You can firmly pull the seam together while you're stitching or let the strands hang loose like I did here in this photo. I liked this method cause it allowed me more control and, well, it was just fun to watch the stitches slide into place!

After several stitches, gently pull on the yarn...

...and joila! It's like magic! The rows meet up against each other as if they had always been there.

Here it is again with several loose stitches before pulling each side together.

Shazam! It's one piece! Yay! (Ignore the intarsia problems. I still have issues with that.)

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