Thursday, April 29, 2010


OMG. So I just checked my archives for reference and it appears I first started working on our bedroom in May 2009! And we're just now finishing it! To be fair, we took a 10 month hiatus so it's not like we were working on it this enitre time. Seriously, paint, caulking, wood filler, spackling, more paint to cover paint and metal transfer to the ceiling caused by a certain persons caulking gun and floor finish takes a lot longer than I expected!

We were grateful when a friend helped us put up the molding, but then we were confronted with huge gaps between it and the ceiling and obnoxious gaps between the molding and the existing quarter round framing the closet. And then there were the excessive nails we had to use to put up the molding and the not so straight joins. (The house is so old that nothing is straight, so the molding went up as straight as we could get it.)

To be frank, we were overwhelmed and disgusted with the work we had before us so we gave up. I know, I know. It was sheer laziness, I admit it! But a few weeks ago, my grandma asked if she could come stay with us for a week after her knee surgery and the thought of her sleeping in a room that is filled with paint cans, tools, ladders and boxes of yarn (yes) just didn't sound right. We knew it was time to get back to work.


After almost two weeks of work (you'd be surprised how much time it takes when you're standing on a ladder and working on something above your head with various tools, spackling and caulking), we just finished putting on the third and last coat of oil based Varathane on the floor. It looks glossy because it's wet but it's really satin based.

We set up a small heater to keep the room around 75 degree's and are waiting for the floor to dry. Since it's humid out (from rain and hail), I'm guessing it will be slightly tacky but we'll be able to walk on it in 24 hours. We should be able to move our furniture into the room in about four days, but since we're paranoid, we're going to give it a week. Yay! I'm so excited!

I'll have yet to show you my favorite part of the room. I sculpted two .5 - 1 inch gaps between the molding and the closet. There literally was a gap where the molding ended and the quarter round began. With some spackling, I built up and sculpted what looks like molding. I was pretty annoyed at the ugly gap our friend insisted would be OK (I was surprised because he is just as neurotic as I am). But now I won't have to look at it! I'll get photos of my handy work when I can get back in the room. Finally, my art degree came in handy!

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It looks gorgeous.