Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Suspicious Activity

Simba got in trouble last night.

It all started when I walked into the bedroom, turned on the light and saw Simba standing in the middle of the bed, staring at me. This is what we consider to be Suspicious Activity. You see, Simba has a track record of peeing on the bed. We don't know why. It may be due to jealousy or frustration, who knows. If only he could leave a Post-it explaining to us why he's doing it. I assume he would say something like this:

So after I saw Simba, he ran out of the room. About an hour later, Apollo went into the bedroom and saw Simba on the bed in the same spot. As soon as Apollo turned on the light - well, if it's possible for a cat to break the sound barrier from running, he would have. Apollo checked and sure enough, cat urine! We don't really know if it's Simba or Zoe but Simba is always the one in the area with Suspicious Activity (such as sniffing the bed or giving us the "huh?" look) when the urine is discovered. I suppose it's possible that Zoe is also one of the contributors but she never acts suspicious or is caught near the urine. She also doesn't act guilty or run at the smell of cat urine. Wouldn't it be awful if she was guilty and Simba was the one that always got in trouble? Is it possible she is so sneaky that she knows she won't get in trouble so she doesn't react?

This is always a possibility:

But since it only happens once or twice a year, I don't think it could be a UI.

If only cats could write! Then again, if they could the world would be full of all sorts of elitist prose. I think we have enough of that as it is.

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Wendee said...

ha ha - you're funny! But cat pee is not so funny... Today one of my colleagues was telling me about how her newish dog had never seen a Christmas tree before and now that it's in the living room, it's making for a nice peeing post. Poor pup is totally confused!