Tuesday, December 18, 2007

The cats breaking Mom in

On Mom's first day, Zoe looked at Mom and then threw up on the rug in front of her. She then casually walked away, leaving Mom staring at the mess.

Today, the second day, Simba jumped out of the litter box, scooted his butt across the carpet in front of Mom and then ran off, rubbing poo into his fur and the carpet. While I caught the cat so I could clean up what remained stuck to him, I could hear Mom talking about the stink. I finally got to the poo that was matted into the carpet, all the while Mom begged me to cover up the remaining turds in the litter box.

I wonder what they have planned for tomorrow?


Karyn said...

the best stuff to use to clean up cat skidmarks and cat barf is 'greased lightning'. we got a gallon at walmart, and it'll last a couple years. you just put water on the stain, spray on the GL, wait a half minute, then scrub for a minute and stain gone!!! i swear by the stuff. it's also good for cleaning the stovetop.

Rayleen said...

Thanks Karyn!