Monday, September 03, 2007

It has been decided!

I was watching Will and Grace tonight, the episode in which Grace's boyfriend decides that having Will around to help Grace with stuff like shopping, etc, is a good thing. Suddenly I yelled, "I need a gay man!" really loud. After I explained myself to Apollo, he walked over to see what major life changing issue I was mulling over and I presented him with the sock I was knitting, which is much more multi-colorful than in the photo. I put a small box in it to stretch it out so he could see the pattern and then proceeded to inundate him with questions regarding whether or not I should use this yarn in combination with this pattern. See, I love the pattern and I love the yarn. But I don't want to spend my time knitting something that will be hard to see. He didn't get the weight of the issue at first but when I compared it to spending hours shopping for and cooking the perfect pot of gumbo and then discovering your guests don't like gumbo, leaving it unappreciated, he understood and advised me to use a different yarn for the pattern. I felt good with this decision and gay man or no, have decided to frog. Yay!

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