Monday, July 02, 2007

Sock blockers anyone?

Me: Hello, do you have any Fiber Trends sock blockers?

Lady on phone at yarn store: Sock blockers?

Me: Yes.

Lady: I've never heard of them.

Me: I'm looking at, they say you're a supplier. I was just wondering if you do sell them. I would rather buy them from a local store than online.

Lady: *silence*

Lady: What do sock blockers do?

Me: They block socks.

Lady: I knit socks. I have never blocked them. Why do you need to block socks?

Me: (getting annoyed) They're not really for me (lying because I feel stupid for wanting sock blockers, I worked hard this last week and want something frivolous). They're for someone else, they're a gift.

Lady: What do they look like?

Me: Well, they're a two dimensional shape of a sock. Basically, they're flat. And look like a sock.

Lady: Oh, let me ask someone. *muffled sound as she talks to a coworker* She wants to know if we sell trendy sock blockers, she see's them on the internet.

Lady: Sorry, no we do not have them.

Me: OK, thank you!

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aimee said...


I don't know why that's so funny, but it is!!!!