Monday, July 02, 2007

"Annoyed" is becoming a common self-description

I almost had a Dartha Yaya moment today. Afterwards, I realized it's because of the line of work I'm in, and that she used to be in. I know how easy it is to mess up and I can tell when someone has messed up or when a situation is about to get bad. Plus, I really need a break from being nice to people. I know that sounds terrible but I just want to spend my time off relaxing and not having to always smile when someone's being an ass or just plain stupid. The job has made me cynical. Or crabby.

Anyway, it all went down at Fry's where Apollo picked out his birthday present. He initially had no idea that's what he was going to be doing so that made it even more fun. By the time he picked out his receiver and subwoofer, I was exhausted. I felt like we had just bought a car! With our cart full of all the necessary extra cables and wire, we proceeded to the cattle round-up style checkout counters. It took a little over ten minutes for the cashier to ring up my order. He kept getting tips from one of his coworkers who pretty much had no idea what he was doing. Twice they called over their supervisor who was wearing an ill fitted fat striped tie and appeared to be all of 17 years old. The cashier swiped my card several times, mumbled to himself and kept scratching his head while looking at his register. I got nervous and said, "Are you sure you didn't ring up anything twice? I saw you scan those cables twice. I'm also concerned at how long it's taking to ring up all my items, plus you still have my credit card."

Anyway, long story short, even though I asked him three times and each time he said no that he didn't ring anything up twice, it turns out he did. Thankfully I counted up all the items on the receipt before signing and noticed an extra item and then the obvious discrepancy. I had to go to the infamous refund section of the store to get a refund that would post to my account in two to three business days. My bags were searched three times by three different people because they didn't believe I was charged twice. I was...annoyed. I know it wasn't that big a deal but, damn.

I didn't make a scene but Apollo tells me my body language did it for me. I guess I have high expectations. I'm sure Yaya knows what I'm talking about!

Apollo checking out the back side of his Onkyo receiver.


Yaya said...

I know exact what you mean. Bastards. I would have called their manager over and let them know how pissed off I am that they are searching my bag. WTF! The world is fill with way too many dumb and incompetent human beings. Read my lastest blog about how I really did make a scene at the store. LOL.. You have not quite reach darth yaya moment yet ;).

aimee said...

I know what you mean too. Dang people!!!