Saturday, March 05, 2005

Rainbow Socks

I finally completed my first set of socks! They only took me about a week too...I was surprised at how quickly they knit up. I've only been knitting for about six months now. After knitting a scarf and several hats, I quickly moved on to mittens. I realized if I could make mittens, I could do anything! I also didn't want to pay the $45 for the sock knitting classes (that $ could pay for a lot of yarn!) so after some obsessing, my friend Janet bought some sock patterns and gave me some to work off of. I have to admit, there was some trial and error and sure, these socks aren't perfect...but on the whole, I'm happy. Just today I bought some new sock yarn at a LYS...I have enough for three pair now. hehehehhehehe

This is my first try at normal sized socks. The first sock I knit, Marjorie, was created with Caron's Simply Soft yarn with #8 dpns. She turned out to be HUGE but several people I know have requested similar socks to be used as slippers. I knit these rainbow's up at the same time using #3 dpns. I had two sets going so I could knit each section at the same time. Also, I have heard that other people don't like knitting socks because once you're finished with one, you really don't want to do a second. So I solved this potential problem by knitting them in tandem.

I know they're not perfect, but I'm proud of 'em. They're for Mom; I'll let you know what she thinks of them and how well they hold up. She's pretty tough on socks. grrr

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Anonymous said...

Rayleen: I love the socks, their beatiful!!! yes I like the hat but I really like the socks more. :-) Love you MOM