Sunday, March 27, 2005

Blue stripe socks

I'm working on some new socks and I'm already bored with them. I mean...there's no effort involved! I think next time I'm going to make socks that involve some sort of stitch pattern. I did find a pattern that involves little teensy cables...that sounds like fun! Or maybe some intarsia? Sounds like a challenge. :)

The sock on the left shows the "right side" of the heelp flap, waiting to be turned. The sock on the right is showing the "wrong side" of the heel flap. I'm about half way through it. I'm working on the socks in tandem so I can avoid the dreaded SSS (Second Sock Syndrome). Actually, I enjoy knitting them both at the same time. It's kinda cool to go through each section at the same time cause I remember exactly what I just did on the other sock.

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So, my birthday is just around the corner. *sigh* I find myself calling people in their twenties "kids" and talking about the "good ol days" and playing "remember when" a lot nowadays. I am just pitiful!!

Of course, I don't see why this comes as a surprise. After all, two of my favorite past times is KNITTING and drinking TEA. Not to mention that I really look forward to spending my Friday night relaxing at home away from all those kids out there causing problems. I remember when....oh, forget it.

Speaking of past times, I haven't been to the gym in quite awhile. First, my accountability buddy got sick and we both stopped going to the gym. Then, I got a temp job that requires a lot of physical and mental energy and long distance driving, (which isn't so bad except everyone seems to drive like they're running away from something)...i.e. I just can't go to the gym until the job is over. I have, however, lost 37 pounds. Today I decided that I am going to lose 40 pounds by New Years. I know it can be done, I just have to apply myself!

Speaking of job, I've been working these past couple weeks for an organization that provides streaming media content to online customers. I provide customer service to peeps who have billing and technical difficulties. I really enjoy this job but SHEESH do people get upset easily! I mean, I know this is the name of the game in this industry, but I haven't heard this much profanity since my Irish great grandma threatened to kill my giggling great grandpa! (Was this before or after he ran her over??) I hear next week we'll be working with *censored* fans. I'm sure they will provide me with a new level of "entertainment" that I never thought possible. I mean, you can only take this job so seriously. When I first started doing customer refunds, I thought I was going to get sick. I guess I was taking all their threats and anger personally. Now, it's all in a days work. :)

Gotta go, Zoe is meowing. And we all know that means the Diva Princess needs her rub down, and NOW.

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