Friday, March 04, 2005

And the next animal in the trap is a...


That's right. Apparently there was an animal lurking around (Mom could see it's eyes reflecting back at her flashlight) so she decided to trap it. Personally, I think she really wants to get the other cougar. Anyway...she thought the eyes belonged to a racoon or coyote but either way, she ended up catching a skunk. So now her question to me is, "What do I do?"


My only advice to her was NOT to put the skunk in the freezer. She tried that a few years ago and the skunk stench permeated all the other frozen foods. Apparently Ziploc's promise that it will keep odors "in" was not necessarily true with the strong, odiferous skunk. Mom wanted to write them a letter of complaint, but she never got around to it. OOOOOH I wish she would have!! I would love to have read their response!!

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